Time To Die

Time To Die 2015
Silkscreen Print 70cm x 50cm

Pacman ghosts are weird.
The are already ghosts so
that means they're gone, split, 
out of here, afterlife kids, 
deceased, right? So how come
you can kill/eat them if pacman 
eats a big pill? The ghosts 
reappear in their box in the middle
of the screen and are meaner/faster.
Is it purgatory? Is it a metaphor for
the ghosts we chase in our lives and 
only when we take mind-expanding
drugs we see them for what they really
are and can put them back into the box 
of our labyrinth-like subconcious? 

Or is it just a video game that I'm
obsessed with and think way too
much about? Yeah that's probably it.

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