The Way of All Flesh...

The Way of All Flesh 2015
Silkscreen print 50cm x 50cm

Michael Myers a.k.a. the Shape
as he's called in the original Halloween
looms in the centre of this drawing
and represents the harshness of people
dying around you. He can come out of
the shadows and take you without pity
or remorse. In the movies he's confronted 
and dealt with, but wether you shoot him, 
burn him or even chop of his head he'll
always be back again for the 
sequel/horrible remake... 

Black Pete's incarnation of the 
ghost of christmas yet to come
is there because it is inevitable, 
In the animated short and the movie
it is a great moment when Scrooge 
sees his own grave and is scared straight
as it were. because, hey, life is too short
to be a jerk. 

As you probably noticed this Silkscreen
is pretty gritty, because it is about the
inevitability of death. The largest text
is from Fight Club and says:

On a long enough timeline
the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

So happy thoughts people!

...and I just realised that I got
 the quote wrong, fuck.

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