That's All Folks!

That's All Folks! 2015
Silkscreen 70cm x 50cm

What exactly is the deal with 
Skeletor? Why is only his head
a skeleton skull? The rest of his 
body seems really in shape.
Is it just because he's evil or is
it some kind of metaphor for 
deranged bodybuilders who only
train their body and not their mind?

Mr. Freeze is a great example of 
being unable to cope with death,
because his whole motivation for
crime is to try and revive his dead 
wife. He isn't evil, just desperate. 

Frankenstein's monster and Dracula
are on two sides of the spectrum,
Dracula is sensual, undead and rooted
in folklore. And Frankenstein's monster
is brutal, a revived corpse and the story
is about science and man's attempt to 
play god.

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