Tortures of the Damned

Ned Flanders Simpsons Muppets Mahna Family guy Dungeons and Dragons

Tortures of the Damned  2013
Ink on Paper (50cm x 70cm)

Alex from a Clockwork Orange has said
that he suffered the tortures of the damned
for him that is not being able to behave like
an asshole. Even weirder are the pink demons
from the muppet show(they are demons,
I don't care what anybody says) who torture
the caveman(?) by not letting him improvise
and therefor express himself. Also on the
bottom left there is the man from the draft board
torturing Daffy Duck with a letter that he has
been called for service. Daffy tries to run from
the Hell that is war, brutally killing himself in the
process.. The man from the draft board turns out
to be Devil and strangely continues to torture the
duck with his evil delivering of letters. The devil
of doggie Hell from Family Guy tortures dogs with
a vacuum cleaner and Phil from Dilbert uses all 
the copy paper for the printer, steals a chair from
another cubicle, and finishing off the last coffee
from the coffee maker without topping it up.
diabolical torture tactics like this can be
pretty weird or maybe real evil doesn't make 
any sense. Maybe it is just like everything else
in life...Mundane and stoopid.

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