The Way of All Flesh

The Way of All Flesh 2015

Some personal stuff.
It's about 11 years since my
father died and I have already
made a drawing about him with
the same title as these series.
I'll tell ya folks, that was some
first person dealing with death.
In 2014, three people passed
away that I knew and even their
absence in the world and the way
people reacted to their deaths
moved and inspired me to revisit
my initial work and expand upon it.
So Aad, Marko and Fred, these
are for you as much as they are for
my dad, whom for some reason you
can't google anymore. Well, when
I google him in my head he still gets
thousands of great search results.

(this is the original drawing
I made in 2010/2011 there
are actually some elements
and quotes I recycled in the
new silkscreens, because for
me they are still relevant today.)

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