Shoot 'em Up detail 2

On the top left is a girl in a bikini and a gun. Guns are
often promoted through sex and as I comment in another
drawing there is a distinct connection with guns and sex.
In this case I think it empowers the woman by giving her 
a replacement penis. But also heavily sexualizes her by 
showing her holding a replacement penis. 

On the bottom left is Stewie, the baby of Family Guy.
Even though he is just a baby, he has an arsenal of 
weaponary to kill his mother. In one episodes he succeeds 
in shooting Lois, but she survives and he is shot himself 
in the end. Even though it is not reality the “Live by the 
gun, die by the gun” quote is still relevant. 

On his right is Walter. On the Big Lebowski he pulls
a gun in a bowling alley over a rule dispute. The
Dirty Harry quote he says is there because they are
both characters that pull out the gun a little too easily.

On the top right of the quote is Boba Fett, who is here
for one important reason: As far as I know the Star Wars
universe is the only place where a sword trumps a gun.

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