Shoot 'em Up detail 1

On the top middle is the character you play in the 
videogame Doom. First Mars and then Earth has been 
invaded by Hell. Instead of giving up and putting a bullet 
through your own head, you just kill all the monsters 
responsible for this apocalypse.

Below on the left is Marge from the Simpsons. Just watch
Season 9, Episode 5 and you’ll see some very interesting
commentaries about guns in society. Marge is very much
against Homer having a gun, but at the end of the episode
when he has handed the gun over to her to throw away she 
sees how cool she looks with it and decides to keep it.

From her gun is a quote from the movie Shoot ‘Em Up.
The ultimate gun violence is a way cool movie. In the movie 
over 200 different guns are used and is the only movie I know
that has a sex-scene-shoot-out. The quote was apparantly lifted
from the joke section of a NRA website.

Right next to Marge is a Banzai Bill from Super Mario World.
In the first level right at the beginning he flies right at you. 
It is interesting that in a magical world like that, gun violence
is still an issue. Gigantic bullets no less.

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