Pink Elephant Parade detail 2

Pink Elephant Parade detail 2

The top right has a quote from Leaving Las Vegas.
Nicolas Cage drinks himself to death while finding
love with a prostitute in the meantime.

Underneath is Barney from the Simpsons. The world’s 
most favorite drunk. I think it is interesting that when
he is sober in the show he is a very intelligent and 
profound person.

Beneath him in the middle of the bottom is
Soda Popinski. He was originally as Vodka Drunkenski.
Nintendo changed his name to avoid controversy for
the Punch Out videogame, but kept in the liquor bottle.
The most obvious Russian stereotype.

On the bottom left there is Lampwick from the 
Disney film Pinocchio. Naughty kids are going 
to Pleasure Island to drink and smoke. Because they
´´make jackasses of themselves´´ 
the boys turn into mules.

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