Pink Elephant Parade detail 1

Pink Elephant Parade detail 1

On the top left is Captain Saul Tigh, from Battlestar Galactica. 
He is a good example of a man, who when sober is excellent 
in what he does, but he is an alcoholic and botches everything 
he has accomplished and works for when he drinks. 
An example of a good, loyal man who selfsabotages through

Below him is a quote from the movie The Lost Weekend. 
A movie about the downward spiral of hardcore alcoholism.
The main character eventually ends up in an insane asylum.

Underneath the quote is Simpsons bartender Moe. He is a 
realistic bartender, who drags his best customer Barney back
into the bar when he tries to get sober, because it would be 
bad for business... File under enabler.

On the bottom right is Brian the dog of Family Guy. In this
animated series they show the most realistic and funny takes
on how people talk while drunk.

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