Pigz Is Beautiful II detail 2

Pigz Is Beautiful II detail 2

The top left features Axe Cop, a character drawn by
Ethan Nicolle and written by his 5 year old brother
Malachai. It is bloody brilliant and really cool how
a five year old sees law enforcement.

On the top right is Alex Murphy a.k.a. Robocop.
RoboCop includes themes regarding the media, 
resurrection, gentrification, corruption, privatization,
capitalism, masculinity, identity and human nature.

Beneath him in the middle is the lovely Miss Piggy.
Who is here because of the tendency to violence,
arrogance and low morals attributed to this pig. 

Left of her is Mr. Plod known from the Noddy
Children’s tv series. He is a forthright police
officer who never lets Toyland's crooks
escape from the "long arm of the law".
He always pretends to know the problem,
but can never quite figure it out

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