Pigz Is Beautiful II detail 1

Pigz Is Beautiful II detail 1

At the top right of the detail is police officer Duke Oda.
Over the course of this game you turn into a cyborg cop
and have to take on an overwhelming crime wave 
in the future. The game taught me that cleaning up
the streets is very hard work.

Below him on the left is Clancy Wiggum. He is 
really sweet, but also very corrupt and stupid.
It is interesting that they made him of Irish origin.
Adding to the police stereotype. He also has a pig
nose and I wonder if the slangword “pig”came
from pig-eyed Mick, a swearword for the Irish.

Underneath him on the left is a Pig Cop from the 
Duke Nukem 3D (from the LARD precinct). They
are very aggressive and I think a lot of people get
gratification by killing cops in this game.

On the right of that is officer Barbrady of
South Park Colorado. He is extremely incompetent 
at his job, usually being incapable of solving the
crimes he is legally obliged to investigate. Despite
this,he actually does maintain the balance of
peace in South Park as shown in "Chickenlover"
when shortly after he retired the city fell into chaos.

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