Pigz Is Beautiful I

Cartman Porky Pig Fritz the Cat Judge Dredd Top Cat

Pigz Is Beautiful I 2012
Ink on paper (70cm x 50cm)

Police get a bad rep. Sometimes it makes sense,
like the whole Rodney King thing. A lot of times
pop culture paints them out to be stupid, rude,
violent, arrogant, naive and corrupt. I don’t
hate cops at all, but I don’t really like the concept
of police either. I think the fact that we need
police for the police is pretty weird. also we
put so much faith in a police system that we can’t
practice basic law and order without the boys in blue.
I do believe that a lot of cops do the job for all
the right reasons. and it is a pretty noble job...
If you’re not stupid, rude, violent, arrogant, 
naive and corrupt.

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