Pigz Is Beautiful I detail 1

Pigz Is Beautiful I detail 1

At the top middle is URL from Futurama. URL is a robotic 
peace officer for the New New York Police Department. 
Together with his former partner and friend Smitty,
URL is often seen assaulting suspects at the slightest provocation,
though for a peace officer, being out of control is part of the job.
He quotes ED-209, another robot cop out of control.

Beneath URL is Bonkers D. Bobcat. A bumbling cop
trying to get recognition from a human being. Included
here, because someone told me we should vote every
ten years to what the criminal rules and punishments
should be. Which is so interesting to me my head 
will explode. 

On the left of him is a quote from the movie
the Departed. It is about a Irish maffia infiltrating
the Boston police department, while a cop infiltrates
the Boston Irish mob. The interesting thing to me is
that the criminal rises fast within the ranks of the
police and gets respect, while the undercover cop
only faces distrust and danger from the mob and
disrespect from his superiors.

On the top left is a police officer from Fritz the Cat.
No description is needed I think.

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