There Is No God, There Is Only Zoidberg detail 1

Lovecraftian detail 1

On the top right is Metroid from the same titled videogame.
A jellyfish like space creature who can suck the lifeforce
out of a living being. I put this creature in here to reference
“the Shunned House”. Purely for the life force sucking. 

Underneath the Metroid are the tentacles. Which are 
creatures of the Day of the Tentacle videogame. 
They have all the Lovecraft you could want in them.
I mean they ARE tentacles and one of them goes mad and
becomes evil. If you think about it too much as I do, you can
also cram a “Colour out of Space” reference in there..

On the left of the tentacles is the Xenomorph of the first 
Alien movie. The screenplay of this movie is a clear 
homage/rip-off to the Lovecraft story “at the Mountains of Madness”.
Humans find remains of smart aliens overrun by other aliens
and the the other aliens are still around and kill the humans.

The quote of the alien is straight out of the movie 
”From Beyond”. A movie based on the Lovecraft story
of the same name. It is one of my favorite movies mainly
because it is adds so much cool stuff to the original story.

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