transformers zod bomberman

Infidel    2011
Ink on paper (100cm x 70cm)

As an atheist I respect your beliefs and only ask
for you to understand that I need to express my
feelings and opinions about organizized religion.
there are a whole bunch of gods here. There are
evil gods like Zod and Megatron. There are good
gods like Superman and a Care Bear. Bomberman
represents fundamental terrorism and Hobbes
represents the choices we should be able to make
in believing in whatever we like in our youth. No
sunday school with indoctrination for kids, thank
you very much. Courage represents fear and
Darth Vader is an evil leader who uses his
religion to suppress people.
Remember that this drawing is MY interpretation
of certain ideas. I have no intent to tell you what
to think or believe. So if you are offended by this,
forgive me.

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