Infidel detail 2

Infidel detail 2

On the top middle is the black bomberman of the 
Bomberman videogame series. It is interesting to me
that the bombermen look like a racist view on terrorists 
and women in a burka. You can only see the eyes and 
they lug bombs around. 

Below him on the right is the Count from Sesame Street.
It is weird that vampires are such a big part of our 
popculture at the same time as religion is on the rise
again. I think both can be related to the desire to live 
forever. He says all bad things come in threes, which is
a reference to the father, the son and the holy ghost.

In the middle left resides Darth Vader. A reference to
god of the old testament. Vindictive and comitting
genocide. He makes me think about the jedi religion
as well, not to mention the whole father/son relationship.

In the centre bottom is a lamb, wich is an animal that is
often associated with our saviour Jesus Christ. It is so
strange to me that they make the association with him 
saving us like mindless sheep. Especially when Moses
told all the children of Israel to smear lambs blood on
their door. 

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