Infidel detail 1

Infidel detail 1

The top right of the detail shows general Zod from Superman II.
He forces the president of the United States to kneel before him
While the president is kneeling he mutters ´´oh god´´... 
The extraterrestial general corrects him by saying ´´Zod´´.

Left beneath him is Megatron the Decepticon leader of the 
Transformer toy line. He is the leader of the evil robots.
He would be an evil god to us humans and in the comics,
animated series and movies. He looks at us like we´re ants.

Beneath him is the Superman logo. Kal-El is superior and
godlike to humans and still pretends to be a human being 
just to fit in with us.

On the top right you can see Air-man. One of the robot
bosses of the Megaman videogame series. He lives in 
the clouds and has amazing wind powers.

Underneath him is a Carebear. These creatures live up
in the clouds as well and have adventures with some kids. 

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