I Put A Spell On You

Burning Love    2010
Acrylic paint on canvas (150cm x 150cm)

I just saw the movie Antichrist and loved it!
So I made a pretty cynical painting about love.
I think I should've called it Amour Fou and
maybe I will someday. There are quotes from
Bob Dylan to serial killers to other songs and
movies. The fox in the middle is from Antichrist
of course and the cabin on the left made me think
of Evil Dead II. That really is a tragic film if you
think about it, because poor Ash has to kill his
girlfriend and his potential new lover is killed
before his eyes. No wonder he was so cynical
in the Army of Darkness... I also like the quote
''we planned to do things together and I just
went beserk''. It is a quote by a serial killer, who
had a girlfriend and cut her head off. The ultimate

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