Dead is Dead

Dead is Dead 2015
Silkscreen 50cm x 50cm

I don't believe in an afterlife.
I don't believe in resurrection
or a heaven or ghosts. I do
believe you can be present in
other people's lives when you
are gone. Love, friendship,
stuff you said and did or made
they matter for those around you.

So when you die you transform.
The essence of who you were
is there in the heads of other
people. Like a beautiful butterfly...

Okay so I made it a moth...
With a Punisher logo on it's back...
From a serial killer movie...

go fuck yourself.

Rue Morgue

Rue Morgue 2015
Silkscreen 70cm x 50cm

Do you want to live forever?
No thank you, but I do want
to point out that these series
of silkscreen prints may seem
depressing or cynical to you.
But I really want to stress that
they are meant to be very
positive. Every detail in this
series is there because I wanted
to tackle death head-on in drawing
and also to point out that life is short,
so make the best of the time that
you are around.

Game Over

Game Over 2015
Silkscreen Print 50cm x 50cm

Glamorama is a book by Bret Easton Ellis. 
I think it's really great and everybody 
should go out and buy it. I hope that I
don't get sued, but here is a little
scene from the book:

"Shhh, I'm playing," I tell her. "Yoshi's
eaten four gold coins and he's trying to
find the fifth. I need to concentrate."

"Oh my god, who gives a shit," Alison sighs.

"We're dealing with a fat midget who rides a
dinosaur and saves his girlfriend from a
pissed-off gorilla? Victor, get serious."

"It's not his girlfriend. It's Princess Toadstool.
And it's not a gorilla," I stress. "It's Lemmy
Koopa of the evil Koopa clan. And baby,
as usual, you're missing the point."

"Please enlighten me."

"The whole point of Super Mario Bros.
is that it mirrors life."

"I'm following." She checks her nails.
"God knows why."

"Kill or be killed."


"Time is running out."


"And in the end, baby, you ... are ... alone."

Time To Die

Time To Die 2015
Silkscreen Print 70cm x 50cm

Pacman ghosts are weird.
The are already ghosts so
that means they're gone, split, 
out of here, afterlife kids, 
deceased, right? So how come
you can kill/eat them if pacman 
eats a big pill? The ghosts 
reappear in their box in the middle
of the screen and are meaner/faster.
Is it purgatory? Is it a metaphor for
the ghosts we chase in our lives and 
only when we take mind-expanding
drugs we see them for what they really
are and can put them back into the box 
of our labyrinth-like subconcious? 

Or is it just a video game that I'm
obsessed with and think way too
much about? Yeah that's probably it.

Dead End

Dead End 2015
Silkscreen Print 50cm x 50cm

Okay, so there is a theme park
in Holland called de Efteling.
When you walk in the ghost castle
you will encounter an eastern ghost.
He sits there with a crystal ball.
He looks down into the ball and voila
a head of a girl appears. He looks at the
audience and down again and as he
disappears into the darkness the head of
the girl has turned into a skull, laughing
diabolically. I saw this for the first time
as a kid and it scared me so much it
stayed with me and whatever the future
may be death is the only certainty.

The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep 2015
Silkscreen Print 70cm x 50cm

This one is about death seeking
you out. Yes, YOU in particular.
Like you are on some sort of
Grim Reaper's list.

It's like some evil queen is jealous
and tries to poison you, a nazi
wants to see you dead because of
your background or a cyborg gets
send back from the future and you
are the one who will change the future
of all mankind.

That's why everytime a lot of people
die in some country far away probably
has a less significant impact in your life,
than someone in your direct enviroment
dying of some horrible disease or has
an accident, because you think:

"Fuckin' hell, that could happen to ME!"

Dead By Dawn

Dead By Dawn 2015
Silkscreen Print 50cm x 50cm

Did you ever think about the
fact that it is quite astonishing
that you are alive right now?
All the body functions that must
be working well just to keep your
heart beating, to be able to breathe,
to be able to think. The circumstances
of where you were born, in wich body
and every lucky moment you don't
get hit by a car, fall down some steps or
lose your head in some freak chainsaw
accident. To be able to live in this world
is about as hard as to being able to stay
alive in the Dragon's Lair game. And take
my word for it, it's damn hard to stay alive
in Dragon's Lair...

That's All Folks!

That's All Folks! 2015
Silkscreen 70cm x 50cm

What exactly is the deal with 
Skeletor? Why is only his head
a skeleton skull? The rest of his 
body seems really in shape.
Is it just because he's evil or is
it some kind of metaphor for 
deranged bodybuilders who only
train their body and not their mind?

Mr. Freeze is a great example of 
being unable to cope with death,
because his whole motivation for
crime is to try and revive his dead 
wife. He isn't evil, just desperate. 

Frankenstein's monster and Dracula
are on two sides of the spectrum,
Dracula is sensual, undead and rooted
in folklore. And Frankenstein's monster
is brutal, a revived corpse and the story
is about science and man's attempt to 
play god.